HANDMADE BUSIATE PASTA: Friday, August 16th 6pm


Rossella will teach you how to make Busiate pasta with ‘Pesto alla Trapanese’ sauce. A must for people who love Sicilian food!

Please, read the description below.

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Busiate Pasta alla Trapanese Cooking Class at Italian Rhapsody cooking school in Edmonds: Friday, 08/16/19 at 6pm

Recipe from Trapani province in SICILY REGION (South Italy); lacto vegetarian recipe; Vegan option available (please, read the notes below).

Bring your cooking skills to the next level and join this hands-on pasta class!

Busiate (or busiati) are a type of long macaroni and traditionally prepared by diagonally coiling a strand of pasta around a twig of a long grass. This type of pasta is traditionally served with pesto alla trapanese, a Sicilian variation of the genoese pesto sauce. The dish was introduced in ancient times by Genoese ships which was then developed by Trapani sailors with the products of their land, notably tomato and almonds.

In this hands-on cooking class with Rossella, you will:

  • Learn how to make the dough for Busiate pasta;
  • Make Busiate pasta by hand;
  • Make ‘Pesto all Trapanese’, the fresh sauce that traditionally is served with busiate in Sicily;

At the end of the class you will enjoy your Busiate alla Trapanese in the company of your classmates and take the rest at home with you.

A printed copy of the recipes will be provided.

A complementary Italian appetizer OR Italian dessert will be served.


The ingredients of the recipe contain wheat, dairy, nuts (almonds /pine nuts). Sorry, cannot accommodate Gluten free.

Vegan option is available, please let Rossella’s know by adding a note when you book or write an email to italianrhapsody.usa@gmail.com after booking.