My name is Rossella and I live in Edmonds, very close to Seattle.

I grew up in the countryside of Veneto region in the Northeastern Italy.

Veneto was my home for 28 years.

My Italian family has a farm with a huge garden and I spent my childhood immersed in nature.

I truly believe that the spiritual growth is essential to human beings' life. And I started this journey during my teenage years.

I got my degree in Management Engineering and a PhD in Robotics at the university of Padua. That met my need to see the surrounding from a scientific point of view.

Life and love brought me in the US. Living abroad is like living many lives in one and I feel blessed for it.

Because I love food I began to teach Italian cooking classes in the Puget Sound area. And I also designed tours to Italy in order to share the culture of my home-country with travelers.

I decided to take a short break due to the current circumstances. I will teach and travel when the time is right and safe.

During these unpredictable times I found that I enjoy nature even more than before.


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