Ciao e Benvenuti!

My name is Rossella and I live in Edmonds (WA). I grew up in a village in the countryside of Veneto region in Italy.

Veneto was my home for 28 years.

My family has a farm with a huge garden and I spent my childhood immersed in nature. I still remember my elementary teacher bringing the students in the fields to recognize the edible wild plants.

Time passed and after I got my degree in Management Engineering and a PhD in Robotics I felt like something was missing in my life. Food started to remind me precious memories.

When I moved to the United States I spent a lot of time in the kitchen recreating the flavors of my home country.  The interest in the historical and cultural aspects of the recipes was a natural consequence.

Encouraged by the great support of my friends and guests who tried my homemade food I decided to teach cooking classes. People also started to be fascinated by the hidden Italian gems that I told them to visit and I realized time was ripe to run my own business: Italian Rhapsody.

To me, teaching and cooking traditional recipes means sharing the best part of the Italian culture. All the good memories in my life are related in a way or another to a nice meal ate with my family and friends. I cannot recall the precise date of an event but for sure I can recall what I enjoyed eating and laughing with other guests.

Join my tours to Italy and fantastic experiences!